SHIMNA Smoke Alarm

Sigfox™ enabled wireless Smoke Alarm. Simply attach our SHIMNA Smoke Alarm in the same way as any other battery powered smoke alarm and remotely test your smoke alarm, receive activation alerts as SMS messages and monitor battery status. Ideal for a home, rental property, boat or caravan. No Wifi or Internet connectivity required.

SHIMNA Smoke Alarm

The SHIMNA smoke alarm has been designed for use in applications that require remotely monitored wire-free installations with immediate (24/7) notifications of alarm events, including alarm triggers, tests and battery status. Typical use cases include social housing, leased accommodation, Airbnb, caravan sites, marinas, and domiciliary care of the elderly or vulnerable persons.

The SHIMNA smoke alarm connects wirelessly to the global Sigfox™ radio network to send instant mobile, SMS, voice call or email alarm notifications as well as keeping a permanent record of alarm conditions, including automated daily and weekly self-test reports.

Other features include:

Easy to install - no cables, hubs or WiFi required

Loud siren with flashing light and a large test/alarm-hush button

Remote instant alert options for alarms, tests and alarm cancelled events

Fully automated testing of sensors and battery status

Securely stores a record of all tests and alarms online in the Cloud

Easy to use Web-based alarm management platform

CE Approved and complies with EN14604



European Sigfox Coverage


Year 1 included


2 x AA Batteries


£59.99 + P&P (introductory offer)

Landlord / Property Management / Bulk Orders / Bespoke Solution